House of Today is a non-profit organization, committed to cultivating a sustainable design ecosystem in Lebanon, that transcends international borders. For over a decade, the organization’s overarching aim is to strengthen dialogues in the design world, expanding the reach of contemporary Lebanese designers and their creative processes, through mentoring and educating, curating collections and nurturing connections. 

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Fairs. Bringing together key actors from the inspiring design world, our designers often take part in regional and global fairs, to showcase their collections to curators and collectors and bridge connections with those active in the design ecosystem.

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Alfred | david/nicolas

Anatomy Console

Anatomy Console | Roula Salamoun

Anatomy Mirror

Anatomy Mirror | Roula Salamoun


Strata | Roula Salamoun

Second Skins Vases

Second Skins Vases | Tamara Barrage

Bla bla land

Bla bla land | Sayar & Garibeh


Primavera | Stephanie Moussallem

Granita Di Limone

Granita Di Limone | Stephanie Moussallem

Nopal Therapist Sofa

Nopal Therapist Sofa | Atelier L'inconnu

Nopal Stool

Nopal Stool | Atelier L'Inconnu


UFO-01 | Youssef Bassil


Rastapopoulos | Stephanie Moussallem

House of Today, a non-profit organization committed to fostering Lebanon’s sustainable design culture on a global scale, will showcase the works of established and up and coming Lebanese designers, at Downtown Design in Dubai, from November 9 to 12, 2022.

The awe-inspiring range of commissioned pieces by Lebanese designers will make their debut in an indoor collective exhibition, under the title of ‘Moments of Strength’. This serves as one part of the dual showcase at Downtown Design, complemented by the IOTAoutdoor installation at the entrance of the Pavilion, by multidisciplinary Lebanese designers Karim Tamerji and Elias El Hage

‘Moments of Strength’, curated and organized by House of Today, represents the growing need to narrate the creative and diversity that exist within Lebanon’s contemporary design scene. Accordingly, as part of House of Today’s role to nurture and showcase the works of Lebanese talent on a global scale, Downtown Design serves as an integral platform to interact with diverse audiences. House of Today’s return to Dubai, an emerging regional design capital, reaffirms the organization’s commitment to expand the reach of Lebanese creative forces, to new territories. 

Atelier L’inconnu by Fadi Yachoui

Stephanie Moussallem

Sayar & Garibeh

Tamara Barrage

Roula Salamoun

Nadine Hajjar

Mary-Lynn Massoud & Rasha Nawam

Karim + Elias

Youssef Bassil



Dubai Design District

Booth D13

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NN Cabinet

NN Cabinet | Khaled El Mays

NN Chair

NN Chair | Khaled El Mays

NN Table

NN Table | Khaled El Mays

NN Mirror

NN Mirror | Khaled El Mays

New Nature captures the blurred lines of emergence, a moving state where volumes shift, interact and weave together before taking solid shape. The organic movement and juxtapositions of color and form, that in some moments blend and in others contrast, reflect this kinetic motion. 


The five-piece series is an ensemble of various high crafts particular to Mexico City, where the collection was produced. El-Mays uses leather, wood, raffia, wicker and, for the first time, ceramics, which brings a hint of surrealism to a collection very much inspired by the lines of Art Nouveau.  


As part of an ongoing mentorship that began in 2016, House of Today’s founder, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, recommended that Khaled explore artisanal ceramic workshops while visiting the Mexican capital, in order to expand his own material knowledge and develop his practice. House of Today is intent on strategizing new ways to nurture Lebanese design culture and support its designers by continuing to actively promote Lebanese contemporary design internationally.

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Granita Di Limone

Granita Di Limone | Stephanie Moussallem


Posillipo | Stephanie Moussallem

Sotto Marino

Sotto Marino | Stephanie Moussallem

“Beyond the Mediterranean, the impassioned people, love of family and strong presence of faith in everyday life, the built-up urban disorder juxtaposed with a natural serenity generate an especially strong pulsating energy that can only exist in such chaos and contradiction. With Shades of Napoli, I attempt to bring a kind of horizon and order to this frenzied dialogue and familiar chaos.”


HOUSE OF TODAY in partnership with EDIT Napoli and Fondazione Made in Cloister 

Lebanese design platform, HOUSE OF TODAY, in collaboration with EDIT NAPOLI and FONDAZIONE MADE IN CLOISTER, supported designer Stephanie Moussallem’s August 2021 residency in Naples, during which she discovered traditional Neapolitan crafts. Shades of Napoli was inspired by this immersive research and produced as part of an exchange between Mediterranean traditions and contemporary savoir faire.

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Shop the objects

Anatomy Console

Anatomy Console | Roula Salamoun

Anatomy Mirror

Anatomy Mirror | Roula Salamoun


Strata | Roula Salamoun

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Platform B

Platform B | Karen Chekerdjian


Palmea | Khaled el Mays

Shapes and Shades

Shapes and Shades | Hala Matta

Play Time

Play Time | Hala Matta

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Anatomy Console

Anatomy Console | Roula Salamoun

Anatomy Mirror

Anatomy Mirror | Roula Salamoun

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Mr. Brain

Mr. Brain | Khaled el Mays

Escort of the Night

Escort of the Night | Khaled El Mays

Echo Mirror

Echo Mirror | Sayar & Garibeh


Construction/Deconstruction | Rumi Dalle

At the 2017 Design Curio, three House of Today designers showcased their exceptional work, chosen for their subtlety in design. Their pieces reflected unique aesthetics while embracing modern universality. Unlike others, we celebrated diversity, weaving various styles into a single narrative—Lebanon's story of contradictions, where tradition meets modernity.

Khaled El Mays enriched his designs with Lebanese heritage, pushing the boundaries of production. Sayar & Garibeh celebrated cultural traditions through abstract illusions. Rumi Dalle created levitating ceramic canvases that encapsulated fragments of Lebanon's past and present.

Lebanon thrives against odds, and with limited support, change happens. We are the story of vibrant, resilient people redefining our future through design.

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Exposed Lighting

Exposed Lighting | Claude Missir

Look Back

Look Back | Karim Chaya

Alter Ego

Alter Ego | david/nicolas

Second Skins Vases

Second Skins Vases | Tamara Barrage

Showdown Table

Showdown Table | Michelle & George Maria

Vacancy Table

Vacancy Table | Celine Stephan

Sensorial Brushes

Sensorial Brushes | Najla El Zein