Special Projects. We focus on international exposure, positioning designers as part of the global design conversation by providing opportunities to showcase their work in fairs, galleries, museums, special projects and commissions.

Super Salone Open Talks

2021 - Milan

Cherine Magrabi is invited to participate in Supersalone Open Talks curated by Maria Cristina Didero as part of Milan Design Week 2021. She will share the stage with Parley for the Oceans founder, Cyrill Gutsch, chair of the Swarowski Foundation and Waterschool, Nadja Swarovski, and design historian. The panel explores how the creative industries can redefine philanthropy and what collaborations with charitable foundations can achieve.

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Cult-D Dinner

1-5 December, 2021 - Beirut

Cult-D is a once-a-month pop-up event that gathers Beirut premiere luminaries for a unique dining experience and an intimate conversation with curated speakers from various backgrounds.

Najla El Zein, David/nicolas, Carlo Massoud and Cherine Magrabi were the speakers. Chef: Recipes of Cherine..

Beirut Blast Grant Program

August 4, 2020 - Beirut

House of Today established the Beirut Blast Grant Program to help reconstruct 12 designer studios with the greater aim of helping restore the city’s design sector in addition to the hopes and dreams of its talented creatives.

Nomad Circle

2020 - Monaco

Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, founder of House of Today, is invited to be an Honorary Juror at Nomad Circle in Monaco.

The Soap Project x Senteurs d'Orient

2020 - Beirut

The Pandemic heightens the importance of hand-washing with soap. The most basic yet universal product is here to save us! And from that, House of Today initiated 'The Soap Project' in collaboration with Senteurs d'Orient, whom have happily agreed to donate the soap base for designers to transform and transcend. 14 partipants submitted their projects to this call.

Suzanne Anhoury Magrabi Optical

2020 - Dubai


Le French Design 100

2019 - Paris

House of Today founder and curator, Cherine Magrabi Tayib, is part of this year Le FD100 Awards, under the High Patronage of Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic. Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 is a worldwide award whose mission is to select the 100 object & interior design projects that make French design shine internationally.

Salon Art + Design

2019 - New York

Cherine Magrabi Tayeb, founder of House of Today, is invited to be an Honorary Committee Member of Salon Art+Design, New York.

Rumi Dalle Hermès Workshop

2019 - Paris and Beirut

Rumi Dalle, who has been designing all off Hermès Beirut's windows since 2013, is invited to Paris to present her work and share her process with the Hermès creative team. "

Cedar Wings

2018 - Beirut

As of April 2018, House of Today is a permanent contributor to the Cedar Wings, the bi-monthly inflight magazine of Middle-East Airlines. In every issue, House of Today promotes Lebanese designers by covering the latest endeavors of the design scene.
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Design Diplomacy

2018 - Paris

His excellency the Ambassador of Lebanon to France, opens Villa Copernic to an exhibition curated by Marc Baroud in collaboration with House of Today. The installation features eleven of Lebanon’s leading contemporary product designers, integrated within the Embassy’s historic building at 42 Rue Copernic in the city’s 16th arrondissement, the installation featured helps build a further bridge between French and Lebanese cultures.
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House of Today’s mission is to represent Lebanese design pieces in renowned institutions locally and internationally. Amongst them the Lebanese Embassy to France. Following House of Today’s exhibition ‘Design Diplomacy’, the Gentlemen side table by Sayar & Garibeh was donated by House of Today to the embassy as an iconic Lebanese design piece part of the permanent Villa’s historical and artistic collection

Roula Salamoun Iwan Maktabi

2018 - Nepal

House of Today collaborates with renowned carpet manufacturer Iwan Maktabi on a trip to Nepal. Designer Roula Salamoun is selected to join the Iwan Maktabi group in order to discover Nepal and its craftsmanship.

Tea with Culture podcast

2018 - Beirut

Tea with Culture invited House of Today and Joy Mardini to do a podcast about design actuality in Lebanon.

Tamara Barrage Beirut Art Residency

2018 - Beirut

The monstrous installation once conceived by artist and designer Tamara Barrage for House of Today was later on show at the fundraiser night of Beirut Art Residency.
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Monsters | Tamara Barrage

Suzanne Anhoury STEM

2017 - Beirut

Interior architect Suzanne Anhoury was commissioned several corporate projects as well as a big project in hospitality through the introduction and recommendation of House of Today.

Najla el Zein x Seal

2015 - New York

Najla El Zein and House of Today are pleased to have donated the feather Sensorial Brush; Tickle (edition 3/12) to SEAL's gala dinner. SEAL ( is a non-profit based in the US, which purpose is to implement social projects in Lebanon to improve lives of people in rural areas.

ABC Men's Launch

2015 - Beirut

House of Today takes part in the launch of ABCs Men’s Department Store, curating the design section of the event. An intriguing collection of contemporary design pieces for men were designed by talented Lebanese designers: Karim Chaya, Rami Dalle, david/nicolas, Nada Debs, Celine Stephan Eid, Johnny Farah, Rabih Kayrouz, Cyrille Najjar, Rouba Mourtada, Alia Mouzannar and Dori Mouzannar.

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Alter Ego

Alter Ego | david/nicolas

Look Back

Look Back | Karim Chaya


MEG | Paola Sakr

Putting materials to good use - Starch Foundation

2015 - Beirut

House of Today handed over eight carton boxes to Starch Foundation and its designers, filled with useful materials such as; paint, cork, paper bags, stationary, rolls of fabric, hangers, jars, beads, threads, sewing and embroidery materials etc.

Summer Season by Rumi Dalle for Hermès

2015 - Beirut

Hermès window installation for the Summer Season by Rumi Dalle. The scenography displays a parallel between two worlds; the underwater world and that of a modern city. Both metropolises render a context under which the act of strolling is fulfilled. This is the second window scenography that Rumi creates for Hermès... more to come.

Letternoon at Market Art + Design

2015 - New York

Lebanese designers Kamal Aoun, Marc Baroud, Vrouyr Joubanian and Carlo Massoud will take part in the Market Art + Design Fair in Bridgehampton, New York. Their selected works will be part of the permanent collection of e-platform, Letternoon, based in NYC and which showcases designs from the Middle East.

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Possilipo Lamp

Possilipo Lamp | Stephanie Moussallem

Carlo Massoud x The Armory Show

2015 - New York

Carlo MassoudThe Armory Show 2015, New York House of Today is delighted to support Carlo Massoud's Arab Dolls installation for the Carwan Gallery at the Armory Show, New York.

Rumi Dalle Hermès

2014 - Beirut

Hermes Lebanon came to House of Today looking for a designer whose meticulous work is driven by a remarkable attention to details. Rumi Dalle was the perfect choice. Rumi designed Hermès’ window display under the theme of reincarnation, giving life to the mannequins by crowning them with wreaths made of real exotic butterfly wings.

Pin for Lebanese Autism Society

2014 - Beirut

House of Today created this state of the art installation to raise awareness for Lebanese Autism Society. Passersby were encouraged to buy a bag of pins for 5,000 Lebanese Pounds to be hung on the board creating a Panda design. We were able to sell 6,600 pins to complete the Panda and help crowd fund for Lebanese Autism Society.

Rumi Dalle The Counter

2012 - MENA

House of Today provided Rumi Dalle, a young, upcoming designer, with the opportunity to design the shop windows for The Counter Eyewear Boutique, over a period of time. Rumi developed 6 different themes, making use of complete creative liberty. The window displays provided her with the opportunity to express her skills, free from artistic limitations.