House of today, a non-profit organization, is committed to fostering a sustainable design culture on a global scale, through an ecosystem that identifies, nurtures, mentors, curates & connects lebanese designers.

Biennale. We focus on international exposure, positioning designers as part of the global design conversation by providing opportunities to showcase their work in fairs, galleries, museums, special projects and commissions.


December 12-28, 2018 - 3 Beirut, Downtown

Elevate, the Quest for Heightened Senses, curated by its founder Cherine Magrabi, showcases talented Lebanese designers and creative, who use their own design aesthetics to create tables that trigger emotions through a journey of sensorial experience. House of Today partners with New York’s prestigious international gallery, R & Company, pairing their designers with Lebanese designers to conceive a table together: The Haas Brothers X Carlo & Mary-Lynn Massoud, Katie Stout X Sayar & Garibeh.

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Fluid Encounter

Fluid Encounter | Flavie Audi


Ingrid | Jana Aridi

Neptune's Cups

Neptune's Cups | Nada Rizk


Haminals | Rabih Geha


Bodily | Tamara Barrage

Zen Den

Zen Den | Layal Chacar


Anatomy | Roula Salamoun

Shifting Times

Shifting Times | Sibylle Tarazi

In continuation of a successful partnership with WallpaperSTORE* that began during the 2016 Biennale, The Shop will feature a combination of new commissioned exclusive objects by Lebanese designers and existing iconic WallpaperSTORE* objects by international designers.

SPONSORS: 3 Beirut, Banque Libano-Française, Sursock Museum, Inkript, Bang & Olufsen, The Malt Gallery.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Laura & Fiona and Ghaith & Jad.


SUPPORTERS: Beit el Tawlet, Beit Trad, Buttler's Bottle, Caline Chidiac, Carl Halal, Cat & Mouth, Chadi Akiki, Cherwin Gerry, Genny & Mohammad, Diffa Group, Eid Printing Press, Gilles Khoury, Institut Francais du Liban, Jean Hatem, Karagulla Contracting, L'Albergo, L'Hote Libanais, Libanpost, Matisse, Mike Malajalian, Operators, Rani Al Raji, Roger Bakhos, Simon Balsom, Technotel Dfouny, Tessa Sakhi, UCA Insurances, Arbusta By Unifert, and Villa Clara.


VOLUNTEERS: Tatiana Akl, Celine Arban, Layal Chacar, Tala Hammoud, Ghyda Kanaan, Gabriella Lteif, Jessica Menassa, Dyala Nassif, Tara Rahmeh, Serge Saab, Lea Tabaja, and Kristie Younan.

Jungle Protocol

December 7 - 29, 2016 - Le Yacht Club, Beirut

House of Today’s curatorial panel selects products by 24 designers to showcase today’s most prominent Lebanese contemporary design talent.

In collaboration with WallpaperSTORE*and guest curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, House of Today will launch The Shop, offering home and office products.

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Blaze | Carla-baz

Stellar Flux

Stellar Flux | Flavie Audi


Chestnut | Georges Mohasseb


Fishawy | Khaled el Mays

Layered Fabrics

Layered Fabrics | Michel Abboud

Tavolo San Paolo

Tavolo San Paolo | Massimiliamo Locatelli


Rock | Najla El Zein

Light Up My Fire

Light Up My Fire | Nada Zeineh

An Ode to Scandinavia

An Ode to Scandinavia | Nour Al Nimer

Gentlemen Tables

Gentlemen Tables | Sayar & Garibeh

Juggler Table

Juggler Table | Sayar & Garibeh

Cloak Chair

Cloak Chair | Anastasia Nysten

UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF: Mrs. Lama Tammam Salam

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Suzanne Anhoury, Tamara Ariss, Nazih Ayass, Marc Baroud, Caline Chidiac, Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Rabih Salloum, Mike Malajalian, Zeina Raphael, and Jean-Marc Rif.

SUPPORTERS: The Malt Gallery, Anis Printing Press, Libanpost, Banque Libano-Francaise, Future TV, OTV, Olive Tree productions, The Council, Operators, Debbas lighting, Studio Safar, Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, Italian Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Diffa Group, Nicolas Audi catering, and Matisse.

VOLUNTEERS: Layal Chacar, Rim Choucair, Muriel Ferneine, Ghida Kanaan, Gabriella Lteif, Carine Nawbar, Maria Noujeim, Leila Osseiran.


December 16, 2014 - January 17, 2015 - Le Yacht Club, Beirut

House of Today collaborates with 30 design talents to create a platform that unites local and international designers under one roof in order to allow Lebanese designers to flourish on the international scene and to help young emerging designers gain attention.

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Vacancy I and II

Vacancy I and II | Celine & Tatiana Stephan


ISO A | Christian Haas

Exposed Lighting

Exposed Lighting | Claude Missir

Alter Ego

Alter Ego | david/nicolas

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole | Dina Kamal

Upside Down

Upside Down | Fadi Mansour

Stellar Flux

Stellar Flux | Flavie Audi

Look Back

Look Back | Karim Chaya

Serving trays - large

Serving trays - large | Lina Shamma

Layered Fabrics

Layered Fabrics | Michel Abboud

Light Up My Fire

Light Up My Fire | Nada Zeineh


Ourobouros | Ranya Sarakbi


Anatomy | Roula Salamoun


Strata | Roula Salamoun

Granita Di limone

Granita Di limone | Stephanie Moussallem


Possilipo | Stephanie Moussallem

Second Skins

Second Skins | Tamara Barrage

Full Moon

Full Moon | Valentina Carretta


“De]ant” | Vrouyr Joubanian

UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF: Mrs. Lama Tammam Salam MAIN SPONSOR: Le Yacht Club-Beirut SPONSORS: Grey Goose, Bacardi, Martini, Dewar’s, and Chateau Ksara. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Magda & Karim Abillama, Omar Ariss, Tamara Ariss, Micheline Abou Samra, Marc Baroud, Layal Chacar, Maya Chehabeldine, Caline Chidiac, Leena Cortas, Robert Debbas, Rolly Dib, Cherine Khoury, Dimitri Haddad, Loic Le Gayard and Rola Wazni, Nicolas Moussallem, Carine Nawbar, David Raffoul, Bernard Saghbini, Rabih Salloum, Nina Yashar and Cyril Zammit. SUPPORTERS: Solidere, Cat & Mouth, Libanpost, Nasco Lebanon, Olive Tree productions, Operators, Stree, Studio Safar, Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Lebanese Ministry of Culture, Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, Italian Embassy, German Embassy, and the French Embassy.


May 29 - July 4, 2012 - Villa Zein, Beirut

A marriage between art, craft and design, Confessions showcases the talents of twenty Lebanese designers. House of Today introduces its distinctive approach to design by launching the unique works.

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Confession Apparatus

Confession Apparatus | Fadi Mansour

SPECIAL THANKS to the contributing craftspeople who made this event possible.