Rawad Baaklini

1st year Master in contextual design, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Scholarship for academic year 2017/2018

"[...] In order to become a creative maker, helper, designer, I must leave the country I call home and journey to discover new cultures. I have lived in Lebanon my entire life, and it is high time for a change of perspective in order to come back with a fresh pair of eyes, ready to get to work. My choice of the Contextual Design Master’s program in the Netherlands is not only based on me wanting to relocate for a period of time and discover a new culture. I want to be able to represent the social and technological reality of our time through my work. I also do understand the potential of making, the potential of craftsmanship. Especially growing up with a carpenter father. But through this masters I want to discover what this making can be for me. [...] 
Being awarded with this scholarship, my belief grows stronger that design can be a fundamental force for the development of my country. This NGO sets an example for Lebanese youth that it is possible to receive financial help pursuing a creative discipline." 

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