Micheline Nahra

1st year Master in contextual design, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Scholarship for academic year 2017/2018

"Through design, I want to break the norms of conventional perceptions, in Lebanon and around the world. I see myself as designer with no limitations, catering to an audience who learns to believe, through my work, that possibilities are endless. Underlying all of my plans for the future is my identity as a Lebanese woman. I come from a region famous for its conflicts, and I know that turmoil can sometimes pave the way for better conditions. As a member of a Lebanese generation contributing to new ideologies of freedom and self-expression, I want to stand out as a designer with a new perspective. I believe that through the scholarship program I’ll be able to do that.
I respect House of Today; I respect what it stands for, what it has accomplished, and the mission it is on. And, if I can contribute with my skills to be part of a movement that supports the artistic few in my country, then that would be a brilliant opportunity which I would give my all to. I hope you would give me the chance to give back to this platform that has enriched me personally in so many different ways.

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