Cherine magrabi tayeb 

Founder and Curator
An academic background in art and design has inspired Cherine to become a proactive contributor and prominent player on the global arts and design scenes.
She is the founder and curator of Lebanon's influential non-profit design platform, House of Today. Through their global reach, Cherine and House of Today helped ignite the recent design boom in Beirut. Having established Lebanon as the regional reference in design, Cherine's next mission was to anchor Lebanon on the global design map. 
She currently holds a chair on the Honorary Advisor Committee for Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the San Francisco Contemporary Museum, and is a member of the FD100 jury - an international jury composed of curators and directors from major design institutions and prominent media who will name the top 100 designers and interior designers best felt to be sharing the values of French design around the world. A natural-born entrepreneur and notable businesswoman as well as patron of the arts and design too, Cherine Magrabi Tayeb combines creativity, a specialized knowledge of design and sharp business acumen within every project she undertakes.
Cherine's diverse life includes playing a crucial role in the success of Magrabi, the leading optical retail chain in the Middle East with over 200 luxury stores, in her position as the company's Creative & Communication Director.
Most recently, Cherine unveiled 13BC, her own brand of exclusive, collectible and limited edition minaudières. Launched in Paris, the collection brings together art, design and fashion, with each bag featuring curated enamel artwork by Cherine herself. 



“I am humbled by the vibrating talent in this country. We should not let it go unnoticed.” — Cherine Magrabi Tayeb.


Advisor and designer's tutor, with a vast record of collaborations, brings a variety of skills in the arena of design curation to House of Today. His involvement, in the design process, from inception to production passing through promotion and sales, lead him to work and collaborate with pioneer international design fairs, cutting-edge galleries and design studios in Lebanon and Europe.


Researcher and committed mentor; assembling a mosaic of eclectic conceptual approaches and knowledge; Faculty member at the Lebanese University; Architect and consultant. His experience is layered by collaborations and commitments to renowned architecture studio in Europe and Lebanon. With skills in exhibition and curation throughout managing artist studios. He brings a keen interest and understanding of art and art practice.



Widely respected, highly talented, and deeply influential, each carefully selected board member brings expertise in his or her respected field, strengthening House of Today and creating a dynamic relationship with its designers to steer the helm of the organization.

Karim Abillama
Owner, Mitsulift & Equipment SAL

Nicolas Garzouzi
Chairman & CEO, Audemars Piguet Moyen-Orient SAL.
Member, YPO (Young President Organization)

Raya Raphael Nahas
Member of the Board of Directors, General Manager and Member of the Executive Committee, Banque Libano-Française SAL.
Member of the Board & Chairman of the Beirut Committee, LIFE (Lebanese International Finance Executive)

Nadi Najjar
Attorney at Law, Partner in RNLF (Beirut) & Wildgen (Luxembourg)
Member, Raymond and Aida Najjar Foundation

Mario Saradar
Chairman & CEO, Saradar Group
Member of the Board, The Association of Banks in Lebanon

Cherine Magrabi Tayeb
Founder, House of Today
Board Member & Creative Director, Magrabi Retail


Advisory Board

House of Today’s Advisory Board serves as its qualifying committee and its selection committee. It provides its expertise and opinions to students, and it is involved in the selection of scholarship recipients. The Advisory Board is also involved in the selection process of designers that will participate in HoT’s events.

Marc Baroud
Founder,  Design Department at ALBA

Karl Bassil
Designer and Author
Partner and Creative Director, Mind the Gap
Member, Arab Image Foundation

Karim Chaya
Industrial Designer
Co-Founder, ACID and Spockdesign
Active Contributor, Blatt Chaya

Rania Abillama
Board Member, Mitsulift and Equipment SAL
Vice President, Carrosserie Abillama SAL

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